Your first one hour consultation.

The first free-of-charge initial consultation generally takes an hour – it is essentially an interesting discussion about what you want to have happen and how one-to-one counselling can help you. More importantly the first sessions makes time for us to get to know each other.

We’ll discuss in some details the changes you want to make, and then go on to understanding how counselling works, and maybe introduce other self-development techniques that can help. We’ll then decide how best to proceed.

We’ll also talk about the various things you may experience in one-to-one counselling sessions. Whatever you feel, you’ll know that it is perfectly natural for you, and you are safe.

After all your questions have been answered, and you have decided that you want to move on and make changes in your life using one-to-one counselling and maybe other techniques, we can either start then and there at this first meeting, or book a later date for your first one-to-one session.

What is Counselling?

What is the role of the Counsellor?

What is a counselling session like?


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